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EA’s vision of changing the narrative of North East Story through entrepreneurship has gained momentum beyond boundaries of the state and country. Today, Entrepreneurship is being recognised as a tool which can be successfully used to counter unemployment, boost economy, promote the private sector, and encourage innovative thinking, which can be used in many other regions with similar contexts and challenges.

BEST (Basic Entrepreneurial Skills Training)

Entrepreneurs Associates proactively engages with the first generation entrepreneurs of Nagaland to promote and encourage entrepreneurship among the youths. Recognizing the efforts of EA, a partnership with the TATA Trusts, Sir Ratan Tata Trust/Navajbhai Ratan Tata Trust was formed in 2014. This partnership launched a program to train young people in entrepreneurship. The objective of the program is to impart business skills to the unemployed and those with limited educational qualifications, particularly for the youths for whom career opportunities are limited.

BEST Training BEST Training

The BEST program is proposed for a period of 30 months with a target to train 300 youths. The training module is designed for 90 hours, and completed within 45 days. Each training batch is called ‘Wave’. The training program includes lectures, discussions, and peer-to-peer learning. In addition, practical skills through participation in market surveys, and field visits to different establishments and businesses interviewing the entrepreneurs allow the trainees to get a feel of the existing market. The training is facilitated by various experts in the field of finances; project proposals; banking; soft skills and hard skills, from EA, external resource persons and successful entrepreneurs.

BBST (Basic Business Skills Training)

Basic Business Skills Training (BBST) is a training program designed for entrepreneurs who have little, or no education. EA conducted the BBST training for weavers and artisans with the primary focus to instill basic foundation of business and entrepreneurial ventures. The training strives to integrate sustainability and survivability through concept, creativity, and innovation in an increasingly competitive market. Rigorous sessions on business, entrepreneurship, financial management, market networking, customer services, credits and savings are discussed during the training.

Affirmative Customer Experience (ACE)

This program aims to provide skills to build confidence, become self- reliant, and grow, personally and professionally. This in turn, will allow vulnerable youths to turn away from anti-social behaviors. A 30-day programme, the Affirmative Customer Experience seeks to fill the gap created in the market for growing demand of professionals in sector of business. The Department of Underdeveloped Areas (DUDA), Government of Nagaland, supports the program as a flagship initiative under BADP (Border Area Development Program) – Capacity Building Program 2015-16, supports the Program.

ACE is a service centric training for retail and hospitality sectors with the dual role of training and placement portal. The first batch comprised of 20 trainees selected from Meluri, Mon, and Tuensang. The training program envisioned to bring about a far-reaching inclusive approach to business activities by infusing young people with ability and skill to provide excellent customer service.

Start-Up Village Entrepreneurship Program (SVEP)

With the goal of ‘4 years and 4000 Entrepreneurs’, SVEP aims to tackle the problem of rural poor by providing support to small enterprises and skill-based workers, both in terms of training and credit support. A flagship program of the Government of India, and a sub-scheme under the National Rural Livelihoods Mission (Ministry of Rural Development), it was designed ro bridge the gap of business skills, exposure, start up capital, and business support amonst the poor. SVEP envisions to work with rural people and marginalized sections, women, SC and ST communities to gain a sense of dignity and self-reliance through enterprise development.

In the northeast, Nagaland is the only state chosen for SVEP with Chumukedima and Jakhama block for the pilot. Launched in November 2015, it targets to promote 4000 potential entrepreneurs in 4 years in these two blocks. Entrepreneurs Associates (EA) is the Project Implementing Agency (PIA) for SVEP in the two blocks. Since its introduction, people have co-operated in all the stages with great enthusiasm.

SVEP Training SVEP Training

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