Environmental Sustainability

Nagaland has naturally rich flora and fauna biodiversity. However, reckless and uncontrolled deforestation in the form of felling trees for timber, firewood, continued jhum cultivation, and annual fires in vast tracts of land has caused accelerated diminishing of the forests. This deforestation has in turn led to imbalance in the ecosystem, fragmentation of wildlife habitat, and loss of wildlife. All these contribute to global problems of environment destruction and global warming.

In a bid to address these challenges, EA in collaboration with the Axis Bank Foundation organized an awareness campaign with the slogan ‘Save our Forests’. A tree plantation drive was undertaken in the six villages of Thetsumi, Pholami, Zeloma, Phusachodu, Porba, and Chesezu, where an approximate of 5,000 tree saplings were planted.

Saplings to be planted Loading into truck

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